The best impact our program can have is one that benefits all who participate at any level.

Families Benefit

  • Youth will get charitable hours to put on their college applications, towards graduate requirements, and resumes.
  • Youth will have vital experience when applying for jobs.
  • Understanding basic components of adulthood may help youth make better financial decisions.
  • New Graduates will have a resource for resume review and help with work applications.

Businesses Benefit

  • Better Applicant Pool.
  • Entry level employees will be knowledgeable of many best business practices as well as professional business interactions.
  • Businesses can provide input into the Training Modules to ensure their needs are being addressed.

Charities Benefit

  • Free, trained Volunteers!
  • Brand loyalty at earliest stages of development.
  • Opportunities for marketing exposure.
  • Consistent help in administrative types of roles.
  • Opportunity to help guide training modules.

Schools Benefit

  • Help get hands-on-motivated students into an inspiring program.
  • Resource for charitable hours requirements.
  • Partner in career counseling goals.
  • College Applicants who have essential skills for working on campus as well as applying to a school-life balance.
  • PhD students from local Accredited Universities get apprenticeship hours towards their graduation requirements.
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