Explore your strengths and interests, develop key work and life skills, and gain experience to put on your resume or applications!

Why You Should Sign Up

Finding a Niche

  • There is something invigorating about finding your niche in the world especially when everybody is asking you what school you want to attend and what you want to do with your life.
  • Transpire will help you find your niche, pursue strategic skills, and practice them so you can focus your energy towards productive goals that stem from full utilization of your strengths.

Actualizing Potential

  • Learn New Skills to use right away.
  • Practice new skills at home, school, and a professional environment.
  • Fulfill High School and/or Religious Philanthropic requirements.

Long Term Benefits

  • Find the Best School for your interests.
  • Have experience to add to resumes and college applications.
  • Maintain professional references for support, mentoring, and referrals.
  • Enter college prepared to develop your entire core self in the process by making good financial/credit decisions as well as developing a professional profile.