What does it mean to partner with Transpire Foundation?

Every aspect of our program is designed to benefit everybody involved.  Partnership takes many forms, and is always symbiotic.

  1. Training Partners are other non-profit and for-profit businesses who want to help us create ideal training modules to help youth expand their knowledge and awareness.  If you are interested in training with us on-site or having our trainers utilize your program and resources, please contact us!
  2. Internship and Volunteer Partners are other non-profit and for-profit companies who are interested in helping our youth practice their new skills by offering either long-term internships, or opportunities to volunteer for events.  If you need some help around the office  or for an event, and are willing to write a letter of recommendation or be a reference, please contact us!
  3. Operational Partners are other businesses and non-profits who have resources such as training rooms and grants that they would like to contribute towards our program. If you have a training room, grant opportunities, or youth in need of our services, please contact us!

Charities Benefit

  • Free, trained Volunteers!
  • Brand loyalty at earliest stages of development.
  • Opportunities for marketing exposure.
  • Consistent help in administrative types of roles.
  • Opportunity to help guide training modules.

Sign Up

  • Please Contact Us to get the details on how you can benefit from our program.

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