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A Mantra To Live By

A recent series of studies by UC Berkeley (Click HERE to read more) and a professor from the University of Toronto suggest that rich people are less ethical than those who are not as well off. According to the presentation, rich people are more than twice as likely to take candy that was intended for […]

People with clear goals and steps to achieve them are more productive throughout the day. Help us guide students' goals towards a new life by donating today!

Please read a little about Transpire’s impact in 2013…

As I reflect on 2013, so many memories flood my mind that it is a bit overwhelming. However, as in all natural phenomena, outliers always rise to the top. The events that immediately spring to mind are the advancements of our participants in the various Transpire WAYs programs. At one site, I was lucky enough […]

Help Survivors Any Way You Can!

Help Typhoon Victims Today!

Back to Life Wellness Center of Alameda and Transpire Foundation are teaming up to fill a 25 foot container with goods to help survivors in the Philippines. Please drop off blankets, medical supplies, clothing, non-perishable foods, and water to 1505 Webster Street, Alameda, CA 94501. We can even supply a receipt for tax deductions, if […]


Scarf And Tie Drive!

Transpire is having a Tie and Scarf Drive!   Do you remember the first time you wore a professional suit to work? That feeling of confidence, and automatic improvement in posture are hard to forget. Did you notice how the simple act of dressing professionally changed your persona as well? Did you use less slang, slouch […]

Career Growth

An amazing few months, but we need help to keep going!

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the last couple of months have been for Transpire Foundation. When I called the IRS to find out the status of our non-profit status application in March, I was told it could be postponed up to three years because of the current political climate. You can only […]


I failed miserably recently. After forming a solid team, an individual dropped by to ask if she could join us. Without question, I wanted her, so I immediately accepted her offer. Had I not known her as well or had she been any other person, I would have initiated my usual screening process to make […]

Default Roles

There was a moment in my marriage where the balance of duties tipped between us. I began resenting both of our roles equally in that they were “Roles by Default.” If the baby had a dirty diaper, he got to decline changing it- which made me responsible by default for changing diapers. If the car […]

Get Some Rest

Do you have the flu? It is not only going around, but it is making waves throughout the lands. There seem to be two types of people out there 1) Those who work through it and 2) Those who sleep it off. Unfortunately for me and everybody around me, my nature is to work through […]