Heather Chiu, Founder

Heather ChiuHeather Chiu is a successful entrepreneur and lifetime charitable volunteer.  She currently runs a consulting company that strives to maximize the teams and tools businesses currently have in place to posture them for the next big step. Having built a construction company from $40,000 gross profit to $3.5+ million gross profit in 6 years, her business acumen is solid.  Her managerial and operational experience in entrepreneurship with Pipeline Construction, commercial finance with Fremont Investment & Loan Commercial Loan Division, union benefits with Associated Third Party Administrators, legal offices with Peter J. Tamases and Associates, internet technology with Digital ChoreoGraphics, events with East Bay AIDS Walk and many other non-profits, retail with Warner Brothers and Diedrichs Coffee, manufacturing with Schiff Nutrition International, and general corporate environments give her the diverse background necessary to help others pursue a wide variety of endeavors.

Heather’s passion is evident in everything she touches.  On a volunteer basis, she has fulfilled roles as:

  • Event Coordinator
  • Art Docent
  • Cub Scout Leader
  • Soccer Coach
  • Reading Tutor
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Volunteer Coordinator Chair
  • Rest-stop Coordinator
  • Local Organizing Committee Member
  • Candy Striper
  • Day Care Volunteer
  • Recycling Coordinator
  • Lead Pie Baker
  • Hospital Transport Volunteer
  • Set-up and Tear-down Coordinator
  • Auction Procurement Director
  • Fundraiser
  • Recruiter
  • Team Leader

Socially, Heather radiates contagious inspiration.  When the Referees played the Coaches in an annual tournament for the local Soccer League, they expressed an interest in playing soccer more often.  Heather seized the opportunity and developed a co-ed recreational league of ~240 players with weighted teams, discounted uniforms, fields, and game times in a record 42 holiday-laden days between Thanksgiving and New Years.  That league is now 7 years old and generates almost $120,000 per year for the facility that is now running it.  Her ideas catch on, grow organically, and continue to be sustainable.

Similarly, when Katrina hit New Orleans, Heather completely organized a clothing drive in less than a week that filled half a shipping container with donations sent to a school in New Orleans for the children.  They estimate that over 1800 complete outfits were sent to people in need with the help of APL donating the container pick-up and drop-off logistics.

Inspired by her own experience raising four children, she began to realize there is an enormous gap of life skills that are needed to transition from school to work.  The economic downturn highlighted this as more of her friends with degrees needed to enter or re-enter the workforce to contribute to their households.  Adults with Ivy School educations, and Masters Degrees were asking her for advice regarding benefits, resumes, and cover letters.  As she began interviewing others about this phenomenon, she ran across US Department of Labor statistics supporting the fact that up to 50% of graduates are not prepared to get or maintain a job.  More key skill-sets are also lacking like: credit scores, household budgeting, and healthy living.  Struck by this, she decided to create a program that can bridge this gap and lead to a solution that will benefit the individuals, businesses, charities, and families.

Thus begins Transpire Foundation!