Scarf And Tie Drive!

Transpire is having a Tie and Scarf Drive! 

tie-a-tie Do you remember the first time you wore a professional suit to work? That feeling of confidence, and automatic improvement in posture are hard to forget. Did you notice how the simple act of dressing professionally changed your persona as well? Did you use less slang, slouch less, pay a little closer attention to your manners? There is something about dressing the dress that makes walking the walk and talking the talk that more natural. Transpire will be teaching youth about etiquette including appropriate dress, table manners, and written words amongst so very much more. As we teach youth the subtleties of society, they gain self-esteem.  We like to top it off with awards for their efforts – like ties and scarves.

 Our Fall Training Module will include a section on how to tie a Tie and how to wrap a scarf. Your ties will be used to teach youth, and if we receive enough donations, we will also give each youth a tie or scarf to add to their wardrobes. All of our current programs are catered to disadvantaged youth who are learning the importance of dressing for success. Please help us out and spread the word!

Donations can be sent to:

Transpire Foundation
PO Box 6872
Oakland, CA 94603

Thank you for making a lasting difference in the lives of youth!