Please read a little about Transpire’s impact in 2013…

As I reflect on 2013, so many memories flood my mind that it is a bit overwhelming. However, as in all natural phenomena, outliers always rise to the top.

The events that immediately spring to mind are the advancements of our participants in the various Transpire WAYs programs. At one site, I was lucky enough to watch a young lady transform her own vision of her future from a socially imposed version to a personally inspired one. As I watched her build a vision that would move her away from working in recycling, and propel her to decide to follow her dreams towards becoming a Sonogram Technician, I knew that our programs were working. When that same youth is excited to continue participating in other courses we offer, it affirms that our style and process are feeding the wells of motivation and natural curiosity. Despite the fact that we haven’t decided on the next quarter’s courses, she has already signed up and is eager to continue learning whatever we have to teach her!

At another site, one young lady started unemployed and quickly secured two jobs towards the end of our 10 week Finding and Keeping a Job Training Modules.  I will always remember her first day of class where she was dragged in by her mother and wore her headphones as often as she could. Twisting her hair around her fingers and playing on her phone, it felt like a personal challenge to engage her.  Once she began participating and listening, she was a shining star! Constantly asking fantastic questions, participating in discussions, and adding her own experiences, she emerged a completely changed person from the one I first met. On our last day of class, she cried at the loss of the weekly program and expressed her absolute conviction that our programs would not return because “no program ever does. It never happened before, so why will you be different?”

How will we be different?  We will because of people like you who decide to contribute to our programs. When we are running two programs at three sites contiguously, it only costs $650 per month for each site! By becoming a sponsor at any level, you are making a huge difference.  Begin the New Year by helping a person build a successful life and donate any amount today at  . Remember, any donations you make are toward a 501c3 Non-profit organization and eligible for tax deductions.

In our 7 month pilot, we established 3 sites and touched 22 lives who are interested in learning even more through our modules. 2014 holds even more potential as we expand our services to adults and Veterans, and increase our course options to include focused-mini-sessions that last approximately 5 weeks (instead of 10). None of this would happen without our Sponsors and our terrific Boards of Directors and Advisors who help develop the curriculum and keep the program sustainable.

Thank you for the most amazing year of my life through this opportunity to build dreams.