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Have you ever awoken on the wrong side of the bed only to carry that throughout the day with you? When was the last time a bad experience foisted itself upon your life only to ruin the day or week? How often do you find yourself grumbling about the bad things that happened and not […]

Beliefs Don't Make A Person Better

Are you frustrated with the rants and raves on your various Social Media sites by friends, family, strangers, and third parties? Is it exasperating to see people you care about demean and diminish each other before your very eyes? It is for me, so I thought I might put together some guidelines about discourse in […]

To whom are you accountable? There is no "top".

To whom are you accountable? You may be surprised at how many people you truly are accountable to at the end of the day. Your family, the IRS, your bosses and their bosses, the Law, your best friends, your mentors and teachers, and so many more. Many youth do not realize the true scope of […]

Loving A Job

What is the best way to define a career? Some say to follow your dreams. Many will say that doesn’t work. Perhaps the solution behind this conundrum lies in finding your strengths. At least five or six articles regarding the failure of passionate vocations to lead to happy lives have come across my desk this […]