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An amazing few months, but we need help to keep going!

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the last couple of months have been for Transpire Foundation. When I called the IRS to find out the status of our non-profit status application in March, I was told it could be postponed up to three years because of the current political climate. You can only […]


I failed miserably recently. After forming a solid team, an individual dropped by to ask if she could join us. Without question, I wanted her, so I immediately accepted her offer. Had I not known her as well or had she been any other person, I would have initiated my usual screening process to make […]

Innovate laws of new game changers

Innovate: The Laws of the New Game Changers

  Innovate: The Laws of the New Game Changers is about our voices and our power, and what we can all learn from people who lead change that is significant enough in impact to transcend gender, race, and generational divides. It just so happens that the team leading this effort is a team of women […]

Default Roles

There was a moment in my marriage where the balance of duties tipped between us. I began resenting both of our roles equally in that they were “Roles by Default.” If the baby had a dirty diaper, he got to decline changing it- which made me responsible by default for changing diapers. If the car […]

Get Some Rest

Do you have the flu? It is not only going around, but it is making waves throughout the lands. There seem to be two types of people out there 1) Those who work through it and 2) Those who sleep it off. Unfortunately for me and everybody around me, my nature is to work through […]

Switch It Up!

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution yet? It is funny how so many people make the same resolutions year after year only to start, slow, and quit until the next resolution. My resolution this year is very different from years past, and I started three days early. Why? For two reasons: 1) There is […]

Listening Without Judgement

I have noticed a number of sad and unhappy people around, and it always brings me back to the wisest statement my college professor (forgive me for forgetting his name) at UCSD ever told 600 students. If every single person in this world had a single true friend who cared unconditionally, and listened without judgment, […]

Reflecting On Blessings

The end of the year is a beautiful time where many reflect on their blessings. What are you professing your thanks for? This year, I am thankful for the trials, tribulations, curses, and things gone awry in my life. Why? Because I am thankful to be exactly where I am- in this place, at this […]

The Greatest Gift

Are you wondering what to do about gifts this holiday season? Every year the families grow bigger, the friendship networks expand, and workplace camaraderie grows deeper- rendering many people stupefied about gift giving. It really doesn’t have to be this way. Truly. Think back to your absolute favorite and most meaningful memories in life. Let […]