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Afterschool Autism Programs

Transpire Foundation is excited to introduce an after school resource as the following program facilitated by Courteny Gumora Ed.D. and Bryan Moore. With the help of a sizeable grant from Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, we will be offering a course for teens diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism (HFA), ADD, ADHD and related challenges develop […]


Fundraiser- Cards Against Humanity

With great power comes great responsibility. Cards Against Humanity (a completely inappropriate game that should never be played with, near, or within 50 yards of children) granted me the honor of being Queen of the Sensible Castle which is located in Cork, Scotland. During my three minute reign, I could have declared all future decrees […]

old digital camera

Digital Cameras Needed!

Do you have an old digital camera lying around? If so, would you be willing to donate it to Transpire Foundation so we can give our students a voice through photography? One of our Spring Session training modules will be spent teaching the basics of photography and allowing disadvantaged youth to capture their experiences and […]

building legos

2015 Board Meeting

Transpire had its first board meeting in 2015 today and is gearing up to make it an amazing year! Not only will we be adding two new training modules (Building Business Plans and Photography) to our programs, but we are working towards making our courses even more available to more of the population . Stay tuned […]