Sample Training Programs

Foundational Training.

  • Creating an Elevator Pitch.
  • Resume Writing.
  • Cover Letters.
  • Phone Interview Tips.
  • In-person Interview Preparation.
  • First Day on the Job Flash Training.
  • Where to Go. Common Department names and roles. Who knows what? Starting on the right foot.

Intermediate Training.

  • Career, Personality, Strengths, and Charitable Interest Assessments.
  • The WAY of Manners. Manners in the workplace, at dinner, in communicating, in speaking, in meetings, in discussions, in giving and receiving feedback.
  • Choosing Benefits. Healthcare terms. Value of other benefits commonly offered.
  • WAYs of Generations. X vs Y vs Millenials vs Baby Boomers. ¬†Patterns and expectations. Working together.
  • Team Building. Formal Exercises. Casual Daily Interactions. Mindset. Benefits and Pitfalls.
  • Legal Keys. Your legal position and rights. What lawsuits really are. How to protect yourself.

Advanced Training.

  • Finding your WAY (Who Are You?). ¬†How others see you. How to interact with other personalities.
  • The WAY of your Role. Knowing your role. Understanding how your unique strengths and personality will best suit a team. How others perceive your contributions. Maximizing Strengths.
  • WAYs to use Software. The next step in utilizing programs. Calendaring. Software tricks and tips.
  • Credit Building. Loan types. Financing Options. Building your FICO score. Best Practices.

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