Our Goals

  1. Our goal is to deliver practical training to the next generation of business leaders so they can focus on academics while knowing how to handle real life.
  2. Develop Rapport: When a school or business sees Transpire Foundation on a resume, they know that graduate has a relevant skill-set for conducting basic business.  When Charities need skilled volunteers, they will immediately turn to Transpire to help them achieve goals.
  3. Our long-term Objective is to expand our Training and Volunteer centers internationally as we become a leader of resources for schools and workplaces. We may entertain the idea of franchises with a proof of concept in Southern California after proven success in the Bay Area.

Youth are still developing Executive Functions such as planning, prioritizing, organizing thoughts, suppressing impulses, and weighing consequences.  The first key to success is recognizing that each individual has a unique and perfect core of being that will flourish with the right tools. The second key to long term commitment is tapping into their motivation to have fun today.

Finding a Niche

  • There is something invigorating about finding your niche in the world- especially when you are young and everybody is asking you what school you want to attend and what you want to do with your life.
  • Transpire will help youth find their niche, pursue strategic skills, and practice them so they can focus their energy towards productive goals that stem from full utilization of their strengths.

Actualizing Potential

  • We will give them opportunities to learn New Skills to use right away.
  • These skills will expand across home, school, and a professional environment.
  • They will also fulfill High School and/or Religious Philanthropic requirements with friends and mentors encouraging them along the way.

Long Term Benefits

  • Youth will have more insight to find the best school for their interests.
  • Having experience to add to resumes and college applications will help them stand out.
  • Maintaining professional references establishes a network of support, mentoring, and referrals.
  • They will also enter college prepared to develop entire core self in the process by making good financial/credit decisions as well as professional profile development.

The concepts Transpire develops upon (each person has some strength to build from, a great worker is a balanced individual with key skills to manage life and work, and that practice is the only way to develop skills) are not presented in tandem with any other programs currently available.  Most other programs focus on Leadership, but the reality is that you cannot be a good leader without first being a good teammate and follower.  Entering the workplace requires a broad range of skills such as manners, practical knowledge about corporate environments, and interpersonal communication.  In addition to guiding in these arenas and many more, Transpire Foundation allows youth to explore different opportunities (perhaps marketing one quarter and social media the next) as they continue within the program.  We allow them to be intrinsically adventurous youth, and show them paths towards passions that may unlock motivation beyond any they have before experienced.

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