Our Mission in Action

Our Mission: Transpire Foundation bridges the gap between education and the working world by allowing people the opportunity to explore their strengths and interests, develop key business skills, and practice them in a philanthropic setting.

Assess.  First, we assess the participants for their strengths, interests, and personality profiles to help them understand themselves.

Equip.  Next, we equip them with vital tools that will help them be successful in school and business.

Train.  After they have a better understanding of themselves, we give them key skills through training modules reviewed and approved by a committee of highly esteemed advisors so the participants can grow into their roles.

On-the-Job. Training is only as good as it is practiced, so we incorporate the essential element of hands-on opportunities through charitable events and work opportunities to let them practice their newly acquired skills.

Continually Expand. As they go through our program, we continually expand the experience from basic skills such as etiquette, personal finance, and common program training, to more involved modules revolving around team building, fundraising, leadership, and being the support you wish you had.

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