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The US Department of Labor released statistics showing that 30% to 50% of young people leave school today without the knowledge or skills required to find and hold a good job.

We believe there are three reasons for this:

  1. Schools are not teaching all of the skills necessary for job retention.
  2. Students are not inspired to learn, when they cannot see how it relates to their personal lives.
  3. The economic downfall resulted in a highly experienced applicant pool that shifted the hiring paradigm against new graduates.

Transpire Foundation will bridge this gap by:

  1. Helping individuals gain experience through philanthropic endeavors.
  2. Exploring students’ personalities, strengths, and interests to inspire them to maximize their personal potential.
  3. Training youth in etiquette, workplace expectations, corporate skills, and work/life balance through programs reviewed by elite leaders.
  4. Giving youth the opportunity to practice these new skills through primarily philanthropic efforts that will also benefit their resumes, skill-sets, and college applications.
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