Innovate: The Laws of the New Game Changers


book_coverInnovate: The Laws of the New Game Changers is about our voices and our power, and what we can all learn from people who lead change that is significant enough in impact to transcend gender, race, and generational divides. It just so happens that the team leading this effort is a team of women game changers, but the knowledge shared in this book is strong enough for men, and for anyone looking to make positive change.

This project has been years in the making. In 2010, looking closely at lessons learned from the 2008 change movement and the 2008 election, co-author and editor Dr. Raye Mitchell began a project that examined what it takes to be the sort of game changer that will take this country and the global community forward. Exploring this issue from a cross-section of perspectives and segments not limited to the political arena, the project expanded to include a look at game changing in business, social impact initiatives, education, and in the creation of self-change. The investigation soon zeroed in on the role of women, women of color, and girls as powerful game changers whose voices are not often heard or amplified, yet provide powerful insight into the process and the ability to create breakthrough change and impacts. This book emerges as the joint effort of seven women who disclose leadership lessons learned, and contribute to a united effort to take this country and the global community forward.

In Take Us Forward: The Laws of the New Game Changers, Dr. Mitchell works with a group of well- and lesser-known game changers and experts to share the learning and applicable insight into what it takes to be a game changer and create breakthrough impacts. The leadership lessons learned and shared in this book are supported by real experiences, stories, and efforts at game changing. Some of these efforts have been realized and are highly successfully, and some are yet to take flight. However, it is through our shared stories that we uncover the DNA of creating change and the challenge of making lasting breakthroughs.

This book delivers the inside tips on how women, women of color, and girls are moving forward as the new game changers despite the odds, the set-backs, and the disappointments. Take Us Forward: The Laws of the New Game Changers is not limited in scope and application as a women’™s only book. The book contains real accounts of how the little guy/gal can work to create impact and change and  relies on interesting stories about opportunity, creative genius, and even sabotage accounts of discrete efforts to undermine the power of women to make efforts to move forward.

This is a non-fiction, how-to, can do, and will-do inspirational and leadership book that is an almost a made-for-movie TV script, except it is based on real facts and events.  The co-authors of Take Us Forward: The Laws of the New Game Changers, are a group of diverse women who share insights and lessons learned along the way and lessons learned the hard way – through hard work, success, and failures, and a little luck.

Take Us Forward: The Laws of the New Game Changers shares the inside stories. It shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it takes to create breakthrough impacts, including dealing with dream killers, saboteurs, and other distractions along the way.

What did it take for an African American woman to build the world’™s largest independently woman-owned advertising agency? What turned an original song and video entitled The Obama Song into an Internet sensation, and how did it change the life of its creator forever? What happened when a senior member of the Chancellor’™s cabinet at one of the prestigious University of California campuses cut off the Chancellor’™s efforts to expand an initiative that supported women and diversity, despite the Chancellor’™s commitment to diversity and women of color? These are all questions answered in the book, and lend insight into how Take Us Forward: The Laws of the New Game Changers emerges as a collaborative effort based on years of combined experiences and stories from the people who lived them.

As co-authors of the book working for positive change, the team is serious about what it is doing, but does not take itself so seriously that the team cannot laugh along the way. So, for the traditional and non-traditional, for men and women alike, and anyone seeking to create breakthrough impacts, including the creators of movies, advertising campaigns, critics and proponents of reality TV, politics, educational initiatives, ordinary people, grassroots leaders, and moms and dads, this book is intended to motivate, inspire, and lead change. If all of the above fails, this book should serve as a practical handbook for how to give your best effort and move forward. Either way, the purpose of the book is to create value for the reader.

About the Co-Author and Editor:

Dr. Raye Mitchell is the lead co-author and editor of this project. She is a humanitarian, social entrepreneur, and founder of The New Reality Foundation/The G.U.R.LS. Rock Global Leadership Program. She is a Harvard Law School graduate, earned an MBA from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, and recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service. She was named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by the Women’™s Initiative in 2011, and recently honored by KQED/Wells Fargo for Women’™s History Month 2012. Along with actor Hill Harper and Lisa Jones Johnson, she is co-founder of The M.B.A. Series (Motivated Brilliant Achievers), a multi-platform series that provides youth, aged 8 to 18+, with leading-edge, inspirational and motivational advice and counsel bolstered with specific hard skills and technical skills development in leadership and life. ,

The Forward:

Carol H. Williams is the founding President, CEO, and & Chief Creative Officer of

Carol H. Williams Advertising (CHWA). Under Mrs. William™s leadership, CHWA has grown into the largest female-owned independent advertising and marketing agency in the world. The agency continues to produce award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, such as General Motors (GM), Nissan, General Mills, Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, the U.S. Army, and Walt Disney. Prior to establishing CHWA, Mrs. Williams rose to become the first female African American creative director and vice president at Leo Burnett Company, and is credited as the creative genius behind the Procter & Gamble Secret deodorant campaign “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

About The Co-Authors:

Heather Chiu is a successful entrepreneur, lifetime volunteer, and founder of the Transpire Foundation which bridges the gap between school and work through charitable work and life skills trainings.

A. Nicole Fudge is an educational advocate who is committed to empowering today™s youth. She is a parent of three, and currently establishing a mentoring after-school program that targets 4th and 5th grade girls to address the many social concerns that interfere with their educational aspirations.

Laniece Jones is a social entrepreneur, and serves as Executive Director of BWOPA (Black Women Organized for Political Action) and the TILE (Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment to support the mission to engage young African American women in public policy development and electoral politics).

Dr. Kathy Murphy is recognized and respected as an inspired transformational teacher. She is a vibrant, trusted guide with a deep passion that encourages women to discover and design their lives to their best potential.

Crystal Lucas Perry is the creator of the Internet sensation The Obama Song. She is a full-time student in the New York University Tisch Graduate Acting Program pursuing her Master of Fine Arts, who, unable to contribute financially to support President Obama™s presidential campaign, instead created a song that has gone viral on the Internet.

Stephanie Barnes Taylor is Chief Compliance Officer for the Singing River Health System in Jackson County, Mississippi. She is the CEO and Chief Consultant for the Fruition Group, LLC, a company that specializes in personal excellence, leadership, and strategic planning solutions.

About Take Us Forward: The Laws of the New Game Changers:

Details: A non-fiction, how-to, can do, and will-do book that helps the reader create breakthrough impacts that are strong enough for men, but made by women.  This book is about innovation and leadership.

Publisher: The New Reality B-Corp, a California benefits corporation ( )


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