Afterschool Autism Programs

Transpire Foundation is excited to introduce an after school resource as the following program facilitated by Courteny Gumora Ed.D. and Bryan Moore. With the help of a sizeable grant from Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, we will be offering a course for teens diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism (HFA), ADD, ADHD and related challenges develop the practical and critical skills to navigate local transportation systems. The commitment of the course is to introduce concepts of independence through mobility for transitioning youth from high school to post-secondary goals. Our 8 week design (meeting bi-monthly), will use the local public transportation systems (bus and BART routes) to develop navigational confidence traveling to college, managing their classes as well as other critical appointments required for academic and life-long personal success. The program is focused for youth diagnosed with HFA, ADD, ADHD and other challenges, however typically developing teens are welcome and will benefit from this course. Modules are designed to gain applied experience in daily living activities to include grocery shopping, laundromat visits, community health care locations, and employment interviews.