Tanya* worked as a dental assistant for seven years until her boss moved away. Unfortunately, there weren’t many job openings near her neighborhood and the economy was slowing down. She searched for any position she could fill, but with so much competition, three years of searching turned up nothing. Frustrated, but still applying to three jobs every week, Tanya heard about Transpire’s Resume and Interview workshop series and decided to attend. Enjoying the first class so much, she noticed people were coming in for another class immediately after it and inquired about that to find out that a workshop on computer skills was happening, so she attended that one too. After just twenty hours of class, she had a new resume and new skills. Two weeks later, she had a job!

Michelle and Michael were siblings from a single parent household. They hated watching their mom skip dinner so they could eat. They worried every day of their childhoods about livelihood. Michael acted out and got into some trouble with the law. When they heard about Transpire’s program, they signed up in hopes of finding jobs that would help them get out of poverty. Ten hours of classes later, Michael got a job with the Electricians Union, and Michelle got one as an Administrative Assistant with the local School District. They both kept their jobs for at least three years.

Senior citizens need life and works skills in this day of technology as well. Transpire worked with a group of 8 senior citizens on how to use computers, and now they are selling things online to supplement their incomes!

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.
Let’s get real for a moment here. We could tell you all sorts of things about how awesome our programs are and what they do for people, but what really matters is the research we used to support the foundational premises we used to create these programs. We will let them speak for themselves by providing these links to the research here.