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We run a lean operation to ensure that each and every dollar you contribute has a significant impact. See the product details to learn more!

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  • $5 Good Samaritan | General Donation to the Greatest Need: Donate knowing your funds will be put to great use helping us develop amazing programs and working with youth
  • $10 Crowd Sourcing Sponsor | Team up with Others to make an Impact: With an amazing group giving just a little more, we can change lives together! Pool our good intentions to reach the next level!
  • $20 Helping Hand | Sponsor Classroom Supplies for one Participant: One 10 week training module’s worth of classroom supplies for one participant (pen, paper, snacks, certificates and awards)
  • $40 Level-Up  | Sponsor a Deluxe Mobile Kit for one Participant: One flash drive for documents created in class, one eco-friendly water canteen, one t-shirt for events and charity work
  • $396.60 Change-a-Life  |  Sponsor a Participant: Change a life for a single participant by covering costs at a single site for one 10 week training module
  • $3,966 Hero |  Sponsor an Entire Class: Make a difference in the world by sponsoring a 10 person class for a full 10 week training module
  • $6,118 Build-a-Legacy |  Establish a New Site: Cover all of the costs to start up a new training facility at a fraction the cost of most programs!
  • Or, if you’d like to donate a different amount, go here!