Dr. Bill Metaxas

Bill Metaxas DPMDr. Metaxas is a San Francisco native, a graduate of Sacred Heart Cathedral College Preparatory, and the University of San Francisco, where he completed his undergraduate work earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences. He completed his Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Metaxas then completed three years of surgical residency training under the direction of world renowned Dr. Guido A. LaPorta, DPM MS FACFAS, at the prestigious Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, NY. His surgical training focused intensively on podiatric medicine and surgery with an emphasis on reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, diabetic limb salvage and deformity planning and correction.

Dr. Metaxas spent three months at the Sinai Hospital Rubin Institute of Advanced Orthopedics and International Center for Limb Lengthening in Baltimore, Maryland training with world renowned surgeons Dror Paley, MD, John Herzenberg, MD, Janet Conway, MD, Bradley Lamm, DPM and Shawn Standard, MD. His training emphasized advanced orthopedics with adult and pediatric orthopedic deformity planning and correction, special focus on limb lengthening and deformity correction via external fixation, treatment of non-unions, bone defects and infections, and Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment.

Dr. Metaxas completed an Orthopedic Trauma Rotation at the Northeastern Pennsylvania Regional Level II Trauma Center at Community Medical Center, in Scranton, PA. His time on the Orthopedic Trauma Service was supervised by Dr. Eugene Chiavacci, MD. During this time, he participated in the comprehensive acute triage, surgical, and inpatient management of adult orthopedic trauma.

Dr. Metaxas also trained with Dr. Bruce Shafiroff, MD and Dr. Hadley Falk, MD at Plastic and Hand Surgery of Central New York at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY. During his time with Drs. Shafiroff and Falk, his emphasis was on plastic and peripheral nerve surgery.

Dr. Metaxas has presented research both domestically and internationally at local and national conferences. His research is focused on applications of existing surgical technologies to small joint surgery and surgery of the foot and ankle to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Metaxas was a lead author and among the first investigators into the use of monolateral external fixators in rearfoot arthrodesis. He was also the lead author on the initial research into the use of nitinol memory compession staple applications in foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Metaxas is the current vice president of the San Francisco San Mateo Podiatric Medical Association. Dr. Metaxas is also a Qualified Medical Examiner and Agreed Medical Examiner for the State of California. Dr. Metaxas is an Associate of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

  • Specialized Surgical Services
  • Forefoot Surgery – Hallux Valgus (bunions) and Digital surgery (hammertoes)
  • Minimally invasive first MPJ joint replacement
  • Endoscopic Neuroma Decompression and Conventional Resection
  • Open, Limited Incision, and Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy
  • Tarsal Tunnel Release and foot and ankle peripheral nerve surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Fracture and Dislocation Care
  • Cartilage and bone reconstructions and grafting techniques using human and biosynthetic materials
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections and Techniques
  • Ankle Arthroscopy and Reconstructive Procedures
  • Single and combined ligament repair and reconstructions and stabilizations (ATFL, CFL, PTFL)
  • Achilles tendon repair – Percutaneous and Open
  • Bone realignments (osteotomies) – for flatfoot and cavus surgery
  • Arthroscopic and Conventional Ankle Fusion
  • Ilizarov, Taylor Spatial Frame, and Advanced External Fixation Techniques