Fundraiser- Cards Against Humanity

With great power comes great responsibility. Cards Against Humanity (a completely inappropriate game that should never be played with, near, or within 50 yards of children) granted me the honor of being Queen of the Sensible Castle which is located in Cork, Scotland. During my three minute reign, I could have declared all future decrees null and the ownership of the castle in perpetuity regardless of other agreements past or future. Instead, I made three decrees:

  1. Henceforth, all future sets of Cards Against Humanity shall include “Ninja Bunny” to honor my future grandchild of the Cox Clan.
  2. I hereby decree that all competitions must end in a tie.
  3. I hereby decree that all people who donate to Transpire Foundation will be declared a Knight or a Dame Grand Cross.

Why, you ask? Well, any honorable grandparent-to-be wants to make a memorable moment for any future heir of course. I like ties. Especially when I am playing games. It means that everybody played hard and tried hard, and had fun. That is an odd quirk of mine.

However, we all know that my true legacy as Queen Heather the Chaotic Good shall be my impact on Transpire Foundation where we help bridge the gap between school and work so people can learn job and life skills that will benefit them as long as they live. One participant who had fruitless searches for work for over three consecutive years got hired within a month of finishing our computer skills program. Another young man whose record made him harder to employ learned the skills he needed to start an exclusive apprenticeship for which he competed against hundreds of others to get. We have so many success stories to share, and promise there will be more to come because of people like you! Thank you so much for helping fund our programs through this fundraiser. With your help, we change lives and generations.